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Baby Slings: How-To Guide - Wearing Sling

Front Cradle Carry Kangaroo Carry Tummy to Tummy Carry Hip and Back Carry

Wearing Your Sling:

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All sling wearing starts the same, no matter what hold you are going to do.
Start by folding your sling in half.

Put your arm through the opening on the side away from the open edges.

Slide the pouch over your head down onto your shoulder. The open edges should be next to your neck, and it should open on the top. The seam should be in front of you. For the tummy to tummy, cradle and kangaroo carry, position the pouch seam across the center of your body. This seam provides the deepest part of the pouch and is where the bulk of your baby's body will always be. For the hip and back carry, this seam will be along the side of your body.



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