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Baby Slings: How-To Guide - Hip and Back Carry

Wearing Your Sling Front Cradle Carry Kangaroo Carry Tummy to Tummy Carry

Wearing your Baby on your Hip or Back:

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Lower your baby into the pouch with your baby's legs straddling your hip. Your baby's butt should rest on the inner edge of the pouch. Make sure the lower edge of fabric is thoroughly covering baby's butt and thighs, with the lower edge of binding in the crease of his knees. His calves and feet will be sticking out of the bottom of the pouch. Then pull the upper edge of fabric/binding up his back and under his arms. Some babies like the fabric pulled over their shoulders-this works well for discrete nursing. In order to keep pressure from the binding off of your baby's legs, please ensure that your baby's butt is being worn several inches below the crook of his knees. It also helps to "fold" the sling back down over your shoulder. This helps keep the top rail tight and secure around your baby (see picture).

Once your baby is securely in the hip position, you may slide the pouch and baby around to your back while you bend over. I kind of bounce it around to the back. I get the baby far on my hip and then slide them behind my arm. Pull the top rail of the sling up around the baby's back to make the secure. Older children may want their arms out. I always keep them on one side of my back and get the back the same way. Slide them back till I can reach and bring them forward.



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