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Baby Slings: How-To Guide - Cradle Carry

Wearing Your Sling Kangaroo Carry Tummy to Tummy Carry Hip and Back Carry

Newborn/Cradle Position:

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Position the pouch so that the bottom of the seam is near your belly button. Hold your baby with your one arm and open the pouch with your other hand. Place your baby in the pouch in a "sitting" position, rather than a "laying" position so that your baby's bottom rests on the inner seam near or above your naval and your baby's head is high on your chest. This is a snug position for your little one. Remember to keep a portion of the sling between you and the baby but most of it can be in front of the baby. The front of the sling can be pulled up to help support the baby's head if they don't have head control yet, or if they fall asleep.




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